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Real Estate Drone Photography & Video Covering all of the San Antonio Area


McCubbin Aerial has come to be for one reason, passion for the art-form, which only grows with each new experience. There is more than just being a good pilot with the drone, but seeing all of the creative angles in each shoot and being able to amplify and showcase those properties to the viewer. We have a background in technology & real estate as well as years of experience as a photographer. What other profession could be a better fit? We view every listing and project from scratch, so we can develop a custom plan, just as unique as the project itself. We are one of the best Real Estate Photographers in San Antonio  Come fly with us and get a whole new perspective, from above and see just why we are the best!

Serving the Greater San Antonio Area. Using the newest technology I create amazing shots that help your listing stand apart. The difference is that I help to provide an immersive experience to the client. Making sure you are involved in the post production process, using Adobe Suite & Lightroom helps to ensure you have the absolute best in aerial work. If you are providing epic videos for a listing, getting aerial construction reports, flying over a par 5 on the course, we can promise you with an unmatched experience. 

Stunning high resolution aerial photos shot surrounding the property from low to high elevations to truly showcase the unique angles of your listing. All HDR images are professionally color enhanced and edited to show quality perfection. 


This is essential to getting top dollar for all real estate. Spectacular aerial video shot in super 4k high definition. Unlike many others our video prices include superb color enhancing, sound track, voice-overs, your contact information, how you want it in the video, so you increase the potential for getting the sale on both ends, and we handle all other professional editing.

"A Study of Drones in Real Estate"

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Residential Real Estate

Showcase any property in beautiful HDR stills or in 4K video. Soar over nearby community amenities or fly through with an HD indoor video tour.

Land Mapping & 3D Models

See just how amazing these uSAS have become, providing Ortho maps, large acreage mapping, Thermal & 3D modeling, See photos will your data embedded.

Commercial Real Estate

Provide investors or clients with epic views of the property or retail store plaza. Even fly like a bird throughout the interior of a large commercial building.



What else is more perfect than an aerial shot of some of our country's best courses. 4K video footage of the whole course or from tee to pin of you favorite hole.

Construction Sites & Progress

Why go to the job site when you can get detailed aerial progress reports on your construction site. See how we can improve costs & effeciency. 

Aerial Inspection Services

With technology we allow for new uses and most importantly safety & costs. Applications for roofing, landscaping, cell towers, power lines, piping and more.






  • Basic Aerial Package

    Aerial Views in HDR, Panoramics, & 4K Video Clip

    1 hr 30 min


  • Professional Aerial Package

    Aerial Views in HDR (Twilight add), Panoramics, 4k Fully Edited Video ...

    2 hr 30 min


  • Elite Aerial Package

    The Best! Aerial HDR, In\Exterior, Pano's, 4k Edited Video, Virtual Pr...

    4 hr


  • Custom Drone Services

    Custom Work to Include, Commerical, Retail, Golf Courses, Mapping, & R...

    4 hr

    Prices will Vary


"McCubbin Aerial was very professional, knowledgeable, and took the time to involve us in the overall process, so we had the absolute best aerial coverage of the whole property and acreage. Can not wait to work on future projects with him."

Larry & Rebecca Olson

Land Owners

"As a Realtor, we are constantly finding the best way to show our listings and help the future homeowners see the best that property has to offer. Jason, has a great eye for framing the perfect shot and I was amazed to see the end result after editing, gorgeous photos. I will be doing many more bookings with his company, A+."

Armando Garcia

Real Estate Agent


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